TestDaF – Preparation Online


B2 or C1 level required
4 weeks | 12 days | Monday-Wednesday
Start times: 09.00 o’clock or 16.00 o’clock | CET
Course fee: 390.00 Euro

5-8 students: 3×45 min /day
3-4 students: 2×45 min/day



In this live online course you will have an intensive TestDaF-Training via Zoom in a virtual classroom with a group of 3 to 8 people from all over the world. Depending on the result you want to reach in the TestDaF exam, you need to enter the course with a solid B2 level knowledge in order to reach TDN 3, or a solid C1 level in order to reach TDN 4. If you are not sure what prior language knowledge you have and which course level you should select, please use this placement test before booking the course online or contact us via e-mail.

In this TestDaF preparation course you will be trained in all four parts of the TestDaF exam: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. There will be simulated exam situations to give you a feeling for effective task and time management. The course is designed as a composition of active and effective learning with regard to key aspects of TestDaF during the live online sessions on one side and extensive homework exercises which will be checked and discussed on the other side. So, you need to plan about 8-10 hours additionally per week for homework assignments.

After booking you will receive an e-mail with a booking confirmation and all information on your course and the Zoom-link.

Requirements: Internet connection, computer with camera and microphone, preferably addtional computer/tablet for using digital material.

Time zones and schedules: You will need to choose a course which schedule corresponds to your local time zone. Our TestDaF preparation courses start at 09.00 or at 16.00 CET (Central European Time). So, if you are in Germany, Europe, Africa or the Near East you got the choice. If you are in Asia, you should choose 09.00 CET. If you are in the Western hemisphere, 16.00 CET is the right choice.

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